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Chimney Services

We will like to Advice you of the importance to remember that Fire places and Chimney should be examine annually and swept as a necessary to insure their proper function Five star maintenance, has a fully line of Chimney and fire place needs.

We offer a wide range of services from repairing small areas of deteoriating bricks to large full removals and rebuilds. We also offer relining of chimneys, utilizing a wide variety of life time stainless steel chimney liners. All Tailored for the type of repair needed.

Why Chimney Cleaning is important:

In addition to removing creosol build up and reducing the possibility of a house fire, the sweep of your chimney can also prevent Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

The cause of carbon monoxide are due to inadequate ventilation or poor maintenance , blocked or leaky flues and Chimney. Your Chimney can become block for various reason, birds nesting or other critters making your chimney into their home or possible degradation of the flue. This is why the Chimney Safety Institute recommends that home owners have their chimney inspected and clean once a year.

Caps & Crowns

Protect your home with a chimney Cap or Crowns and prevent animals and rain from coming in. Caps and Crowns come in all sizes and in different finishes. Some are custom and some are standard, but they all protect your Chimney from obstructions like Branches, animals, rain and Etc. from coming into your Chimney.

Chimney Services:

  • Water leaks21
  • No mess Guaranteed
  • All size Chimney Crowns and Caps
  • Reliners and new liners
  • Chimney service & all repairs
  • Critters removal from Chimney
  • Dampers
  • Prompt courteous service

We will sweep your Chimney Flue without a Mess !!!!!


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